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 About Aerosmyth


Band Member


Web site

John Grindey

Guitar (lead) (formerly featured artist in the MP3 Instrumental Jazz section – Jan 2001

Mark Lacey



James Dolan

Rhythm Guitar/vocals



Bass Guitar



Lead vocals


Formerly known as Ode to Joe this London/Portsmouth Aerosmith tribute band have changed their name and their guitarist and how transformed themselves into Aerosmyth.  Dave (lead vocals) said “ Its been great, the fans response has been tremendous, they really have been supporting us, and we get a warm welcome everywhere we go”.

The band have an excellent sound and since their new lead guitarist John Grindey, joined the group, they even sound better than Aerosmith.  When asked why, John replies. “Well, I know they have a lot more money and gear than us, but we have more equipment.  I am a professional guitar player, and I am in this band to help the guys out, so with my GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) training in California (colleagues include, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Guns and Roses) I have found this effortless, which in turn has enhanced the bands sound.”

The band have been gigging all along the south coast, from Bournemouth to London and even though they have their own style, the sound of Aerosmith is uncanny and quite unmistakable. 

The band hope to continue their success and have embraced new technology with an excellent website.  The site has become a focal point for fans to communicate and get the latest news about the band.  The site address is